Holiday Club 2018

Churches Together in Devizes



Monday 13th to Friday 17th August 2018 

From approx. 9am to 1pm (Club runs 9:45 to 12:30pm)

Main role includes sitting with the children, watching their behaviour and encouraging them to join in, helping them with crafts or games etc.

Other roles include;

Techy Team – running the audios and visuals for each day.

Worship Leaders – helping to lead the children in the songs and actions.

Welcome & Registration Team – taking forms/money from parents, ticking children in, etc.

Games Leader – leading the games session each day for the different age groups of children (games pre-prepared)

Craft Leader - leading the craft session each day for the different age groups of children (crafts pre-prepared)

Teaching Team – Delivering the teaching in age grouped children (not all together) for one or more of the days (material already planned)

Drama Team – Having a speaking or non-speaking part for a drama or bible story either some of the days or all 5 days.

Script is given, but doesn’t need to be learnt off by heart (unless you want too!) Dressing up silly may be involved.

Morning Devotion – Leading the adults in a time of study and prayer for 10 minutes before the children arrive. (Guidelines are given for this, but be creative as you like)

Refreshments – Preparing the cold drinks and biscuits for the children for each day (this is done between 8:30 and 9am) & tidy away after snack time

First Aider - Be available to administer first aid where necessary. Usually only bumps and scrapes. Must have a current first aid certificate.

                             Must be DBS checked or have one done through your church.

                              Email – Sarah on

                                        before the end of May – please – THANK YOU


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