Lent discussions Follow up

Nothing More, nothing Less

On Wednesday afternoons and evenings in Lent, two groups of Christians watched the film, “I, Daniel Blake” and followed the Lent course by Virginia Moffatt, Nothing More, Nothing Less. As they went along they noted possible action points and commend them to other individuals and to the Churches Together Forum:


  1. ·         Buy the Big Issue
  2. ·         Help family members improve their circumstances
  3. ·         Support Devizes Christians Against Poverty (CAP) activities and/or join the national     organisation
  4. ·         Support Devizes Food Bank and Devizes Opendoors
  5. ·         Give people time and listen
  6. ·         Help people access the internet



  1. ·         Produce a list of national organisations that campaign against injustice that people could be encouraged to consider joining
  2. ·         List groups in the town that people can turn to for help (a local directory)
  3. ·         Find out what Devizes Hub provides in the way of helpful information for the newcomer



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