What we did in 2016

Singing in the sun

Sunday 14th August 2016 

Peter Brearley 2Around 120 people gathered on Sunday 14 August for what is becoming an annual event organised by Churches Together in Devizes. ‘Songs of Praise at the Wharf’ was led by a group of musicians from local churches and, in the singing, by Rachel Allard. It was an opportunity for the churches to share their faith and to get to know each other a little better. Hymns, prayers and readings reflected the theme of the day, Championing Social Justice. Following the singing, refreshments were offered from the lobby of the Wharf Theatre. The warm sunshine and lovely setting contributed to a very enjoyable and uplifting afternoon. The next joint events will be celebrating harvest as well as ‘the Noise’, a community service activity in October.

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Music Group 


The Noise 

Saturday 14th May 2016 

Noise 2Teams of volunteers worked really hard to clear overgrown gardens and public spaces. 75 people of all ages got involved and not only made a hugh difference but also really enjoyed themselves! 

For a full report please go to Noise 


Good Friday at the Market Cross 

Cross painting The significance of what Jesus did for each of us and for the world as a whole permeated the hearts and minds of many who gathered in the Market Place on Good Friday this year. The singing was robust, the readings and prayer were clear and the message heartfelt and heartwarming. The simple act of adding a painted cross to the large outline gave us all pause for thought. At the close of the service many of us walked with the three wooden crosses, we walked with each other and we walked with Jesus out along Quakers Walk and on to Roundway Hill. 

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The Salt of the Earth 

Sunday 17th January 2016

Instead of attending the usual separate church services Devizes Christians gathered on a wintery Sunday morning at St. John's Church. We were reminded that we are God's Salt and Light in this town. This was the beginning of the worldwide Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

The service had been prepared by the Latvian Church this year.Their choice of Bible readings and suggested prayers and hymns went down well. Those doing the readings came from St. Peter's, St. James' and the Rock Commiuity Church. St. John's choir contributed two lovely items as well as giving a lead to the congregational singing. Revd.Gary Gotham (St. Andrew's URC/Methodist Church) stood in for two other clergy who were ill and preached on Jesus' words in Matthew 5 v13-16, We are God's salt and, like salt on the roads at this time of year, we can change hard and slippery situations in ones where progress can be made safely and successfully.  

The many children who were there got busy creating a collage of the town and writing prayers. These were incorporated in the service later on. The service ended with everyone in this packed church turning to those around to share the Peace by shaking hands and exchanging Christian greetings. 

For more photos of the event please click here. Thanks to Liz Merritt and Peter Brearley for the photos. 


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