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Determined to be part of the fun. 

Steve Dewar assisted by Rev. Keith Brindle not only played frisbee but also brought along  and set up a couple of large gazebos alongside a usefully equiped van on the small Green Steve & Keith & frisbee 2every afternoon from 8th - 12th August. Young people came and joined in the fun. Badminton, jenga, tug o war, football and frisbee kept everyone active and/or entertained. Between 20 - 25 young people turned up each day. Friends were brought to see who else was getting involved.  There was lots of conversation and new friendships were made. Petterne Youth Club and Devizes Youthy both made sure their leadership teams were always represented and they played a full part in setting up and running attractive, easy going afternoon activities. 

Well done team! 

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