Songs of Praise at Wharf

Posted by John Saunders on 29 August 2016

Singing in the sun

Peter Brearley 2Around 120 people gathered on Sunday 14 August for what is becoming an annual event organised by Churches Together in Devizes. ‘Songs of Praise at the Wharf’ was led by a group of musicians from local churches and, in the singing, by Rachel Allard. It was an opportunity for the churches to share their faith and to get to know each other a little better. Hymns, prayers and readings reflected the theme of the day, Championing Social Justice. Following the singing, refreshments were offered from the lobby of the Wharf Theatre. The warm sunshine and lovely setting contributed to a very enjoyable and uplifting afternoon. The next joint events will be celebrating harvest as well as ‘the Noise’, a community service activity in October.

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